Who is CDI?

Community Development Inc. originated back in 1994 as a Child Care Facility under the leadership of our founder and CEO Mrs. Oma Hibbler. In the early 2000’s, her vision shifted to provide services and supports to the elderly and disabled population. With that vision, programs such as Adult Day, Assisted Living, and Rural General Public Transit were introduced. Since then, in 2017, Community Development Inc. became a certified Mental Health provider, providing services to the ID/DD population offering six new services. Day Services Adult, Prevocational, Supervised Living, and Supported Living to mention a few. Under Mrs. Hibbler’s leadership and vision, countless employment opportunities have been made available, and an unmatched service and support system to aid our population in feeling their best while in the community.

“My mother, who was helping me support my daughter, passed away in 2017. It then left an extreme burden on me to work and provide without having her presence. Support Coordination told me about Community Development Inc’s. Supervised Living Services, and they accepted my daughter with loving open arms. I am forever grateful!”

– Shaquana Boyd